OPERATOR is a total conversion mod for INSURGENCY that takes the player experience to a whole new level of tactical. Supporting both PvP and Co-Op play, Operator will put you to the test.

This is not another esport or casual game. Nor is it MilSim or an arcadey shooter. We’re not “going back to our roots” and rehashing a worn-out story. We’re not watering down our gameplay to jump on a bandwagon either.

With OPERATOR, we are building a bold and new TACTICAL SHOOTER experience, taking a unique and refreshing angle with our game. Whether you’re opening doors and clearing rooms aggressively, or quietly sneaking behind hostile forces, Operator will challenge you.

Key features from Insurgency:

  • Tactical Reloads with Magazine retention, keeps track of each magazine’s ammo count individually (no ammo pool).
  • Bullet penetration based on materials, reducing damage and penetration power of the bullet on it’s way.
  • Reliable hit-scan hit detection like other Source Engine games (not ballistic projectile simulation).
  • Accurate hit location and damage affected by ammo type, body part, and armor, including secondary impacts on same target.
  • Weapon collision simulation that includes length of weapon attachments like silencers and extended stocks.
  • Positive input weapon handling, intuitive yet takes skill to master.
  • Weight based speed, the heavier the gear, the slower you run.
  • No kill-feed or kill pop-ups.
  • No hit-markers, no crosshairs, and no hand-holding.
  • No-BS HUD for reduced operational clutter.

What’s new in Operator:

  • Revised damage model that is ammo centric and based on actual wound cavity data per ammo type.
  • Penetration tweaks for improved gameplay and realism, with pen vs. wounding tradeoffs.
  • Open classes that let you customize your operator’s loadout the way YOU want, no unlocks!
  • Your chosen tactical gear is represented on the character model, such as armor and helmets.
  • Weapon platform based upgrades with up to 7 categories of attachments per weapon.
  • No friendly icons except a small name pop-up when aiming directly at a friendly.
  • Slower movement and limited sprint.
  • 8v8 scaling for general PvP.
  • USABLE DOORS (that’s right) and much more to come!

New attachment features:

  • Foregrips now improve control of lateral recoil and reduce sway.
  • Buttstock upgrades improve control of vertical recoil and reduce free aim.
  • Muzzle brakes, flash-hiders and heavy barrels that change weapon flash and recoil.
  • Extended mags with weight and model.
  • Aesthetic rail system upgrades.
  • Grenades holster to chest, visible to others.
  • Ammo pouch attachments per vest type.
  • Armor that shows up, two versions so far.
  • Helmets with head protection.
  • Tactical Caps.
  • Tactical Eyewear.
  • Tactical Beards!

When will you be able to play Operator?

  • We are in a closed pre-alpha stage right now. Since we are a mod of Insurgency much of the hard work is done for us.
    We plan to have an open alpha that you can download by early July, 2015.

How much will Operator cost?

  • Operator is a FREE mod for the game Insurgency. You will need a copy of Insurgency to play, but shame on you if you don’t have that already. Enjoy and give your feedback to help shape this game!

How community-driven is the creation of this game?

  • Many people in our game community have contributed to the development of this game.
  • YOU can help shape and improve how this game! Will you join us?
  • Be sure to try Operator with your friends and give feedback, since we can’t do this without you, the players.
  • There are a lot of exciting, currently unlisted things that may be possible to implement, and we will need player input to shape the result of future features.
  • Are you capable with Source Engine, Hammer, modeling, scripting, modding, art, audio, video, shooting, gameplay, or other things? You can contribute to what Operator grows to be.
  • Being the indie dev team we are, our game will support modding for enthusiasts as well!