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Tactics for Effective Operations.


Sprinting, stamina and movement

Sprinting is for crossing from cover to cover, ONLY. If you sprint further than that, it will begin to affect your sway greatly. Reserving your stamina above half prevents sway from having much effect. Once you burn more than half your stamina, the sway goes up exponentially and your sprint speed decreases. Crouching will quickly recover your stamina and the sway will diminish. 1 jump takes more than half of your stamina.


Shot placement and hitboxes

New hitboxes and why they matter.
Shoot’em in the SAC! Sacrum, that is… the sacrum and throat are new critical hitboxes. The face is also a headshot, even if the target is wearing a helmet. Protection of these hitboxes is represented with groin/throat protection on the body armor and visible face protection on the helmets. If you don’t see that protection on the target, these are prime target areas. Make your shots count! Hollow points, open tips and shotties all do devastating damage to these soft targets.


Weapon Handling

BRASS: Breath, Relax, Aim, Slack, Squeeze
Operator’s weapon handling rewards real world shooting techniques. Throw focus in there for range shots. You are going to need to focus and time your shots to the movement of the weapon, your breathing and the target. For full auto firing, constant control is demanded, but effective groupings can be achieved with practice.


Ammo and Armor

All of the armor and ammo utilizes Insurgency’s penetration based armor system. This was only officially released in limited modes but is used extensively in Operator. It allows us to simulate penetration resistance on player armor and modify the damage based on remaining power. This conversely allows us to make low penetration ammo, like hollow points, deal a great amount of damage, but only to unarmored target areas. Using this system we have developed a wide range of ammo that is effective depending mostly on how you use it. Recognizing what body parts are armored and which are not and using your weapon appropriately.

Below needs to be updated :
Light armor is basic kevlar. Stops standard pistol, smg and shotgun rounds.
Medium armor is lvl 3 chest plate
Heavy armor is lvl 4 with chest plate plus throat and groin protection


Locks and Shotties

Tactical Beards!
On some doors you will find locks! These locks can be operated to lock the door and prevent it being opened. To defeat this lock, there are two options. 1. blow the door with a breaching charge or 2. blow the lock with a point blank blast from any shotgun.



Try out the Community Tab!

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We look forward to building a community of Operators with you!

Welcome to Operator Pre-Beta Testing!


Operator Pre-Beta Features

*Please see the “Operations” article to the right, for gameplay tips.


  • All new weapon handling – rewards realistic shooting techniques and demands use of the focus feature for ranged shots.
  • Penetration based armor and ammo – armor actually works and it matters what ammo you use and where you place your shots.
  • New hitboxes – Shot placement is a critical skill! Clavicle and hips are limb shots. Face and helmet area are now separate hitboxes. New groin and throat hitboxes.
  • Helmets and face shields – helmet protects only helmet area, face shields protect the face.
  • Groin and throat armor – extended armor options for the new hitboxes
  • Ballistic shields! – 1 shield operator per pvp team, 2 per coop team.
  • Doors that can be be blown open by breaching charges.
  • Lockable Door locks that can be destroyed by some shotgun loads
  • New classes – Element Leader, Breacher and Marksman – Rewards coordinating tactics with load outs to optimize your element’s combined operational force multiplier.
  • Workshop independence from Insurgency – so your Insurgency workshop mods shouldn’t mess up Operator and modders can also create Operator specific workshop mods that will not mess with your Insurgency experience.
  • All player gear is now in bodygroups on the player model. This allows for accurate lighting of the gear and shadows on the player from said gear. This does complicate community modding of the gear and player models, but not the materials.
  • Helmet and Gear overlays – If you choose headgear in your load out, you will see that you are wearing that headgear in first person. If you choose face protection, there will be a compromise of your visibility. Backwards cap for high speed – low drag!
  • High poly world models and attachments – Due to limiting the number of players to 16, we can increase weapon world model fidelity. Enjoy!
  • Weapons do not drop! You’d better buy what you need and use it wisely.
  • No reload interrupts! This allows reloading while sprinting, crawling, etc… Only way to interrupt is to change weapons.
  • All new economy with 60 supply points.


  • Wide range of weapons to choose from with balance trade offs for benefits.
  • New recoil paradigm, easier for new players to at least hit a target, but much harder to master and get very tight groupings.
  • Buttstock needed to aim down sights. Operate without a buttstock or with buttstock folded for cqb weapon length but no ADS.
  • Weapon length is accurate to in-game world – Size matters! Weapon length and collision is a real factor in Operator.
  • Extensive customization with far over 1 million possible loadout combinations and well over 10 thousand combinations of weapon upgrades on top of that.
  • Properly devastating shotguns. – While they may not be the best in a ranged fight you will still find NO NERF in these lead slingers. And many load types to choose from (no1 to triple-aught, birdshot to sabot slug; variety awaits).
  • Greatly increased Flash-Bang effect.
  • CS Gas grenades – area denial smoke with moderate damage over time.
  • Marker smoke grenades – Orange, purple, etc…
  • Breaching charges – not great for anti-personnel, but do the trick when planted on doors.
  • Bulky attachments lengthen draw/holster times.
  • Holo sights speed up ironsight time.
  • High capacity rifle mags slow down reload, specialty mags speed up reloads.
  • No silencers, extended mags or custom mags allowed with armor piercing ammo.


  • No Sliding – None.
  • Slower movement – movement speeds have been changed across the board, promoting and rewarding teamwork with synchronised walk+ads and crouch movement so you can move silently with two people, one covering over the other.
  • Limited sprinting – You can only sprint short distances until you are slowed down and weapon sway increases greatly. This effect quickly diminishes if you crouch or stop. Great for crossing from cover to cover, but not feasible to sprint constantly and still be able to shoot accurately. If kept to short bursts, across roads, hallways, bounding from cover to cover, sprinting has almost no effect on stamina and sway.
  • Sway is greatly increased directly after a sprint, making shooting accurately immediately out of a sprint much more difficult. This sway dissipates very quickly (mostly gone in under a second).
  • Increased movement sway. Gone are the days when wiggling side to side is an advantage. Focussing and getting the well placed shot is the far greater reward. Also, when using the walk key ( alt by default ) you gain a huge advantage to weapon stability while moving.
  • Increased sway when duck-walking (crouch walk). By bracketing movement speeds, duck-walking sway is increased without reducing the advantages of stationary crouch.
  • Shield operator can not jump, sprint or aim down sights.

New Modes

  • Breakout – Single life, instant cap, one objective Push.
  • Team Survival – No-respawn 8v8 elimination.